Fall TV 2007 According to Carla, Kendra, and Destiny

Kendra gave me permission to take a break from editing her phone call with Justin in Freshman Focus’ sequel to write a blog about TV.

Last week Lincoln Heights came back to me on ABC Family.  The season kicked off with a bang.  I am really looking forward to this new friend that Cassie will meet as well as her relationship with Charles.  Plus, what’s the family secret that involves the Taylors and Eddie’s daddy who is in jail?

Carla:  If I could, I would have the actress who plays Lizzie in Lincoln Heights play the role of Kendra in the Freshman Focus movie.

Kendra:  I like the actress you chose to play me.  I’ve watched the show a few times and she plays basketball very well.  She seems kind of whiny though at times so we’ll have to work on that.

Destiny:  Well, who’s going to play me?

Carla:  I have no idea, Destiny.

Destiny:  Some creator you are.  I don’t like that show.  They purposely moved to the hood!!  And his daughter got kidnapped by two thugs who were mad at him.  There is no way my husband would ever have me move to a bad neighborhood.  As a matter of fact that will be in our vows.

Moving right along . . . Tuesdays are going to be rough for me because NBC brings back The Biggest Loser at the same time as Lincoln Heights.  The solution?  Watch TBL and watch Lincoln Heights on the Internet.  I am looking forward to seeing more people battle weight loss and learn weight loss/fitness tips.  Plus I want to see Jillian versus Kim versus Bob. 

Destiny:  I am not sympathetic to overweight people.  I wish they realized that there are more fashion choices when you are skinny like me.

Kendra: Good luck losing the weight.  Don’t pay any attention to Destiny!

We are all excited to see the return of Everybody Hates Chris, Girlfriends, and The Game

Carla:  Girlfriends is not the same without the presence of Toni Childs Garrett. 

Destiny:  I am still mad that Toni isn’t on the show.  She was my favorite character on the show and the only one who dressed according to my standards of fashion. 

Carla: Richard T. Jones will not be returning either.  How will that translate with his proposal to Joan at the end of last season, we’ll just have to wait and see.  

Kendra:  It feels like I’ve waited forever for Joan to get a proposal and now the man who proposes has left the show?  Please just don’t kill him off.  Replace him with another actor. 

Destiny:  A cute actor.  Although he was mighty broke.  So maybe bring back Brock since he had more money and was ready to give Joan a baby.  Brock was cute even if he did always have ashy lips.  What I am eager to see is what happens with Derwin and Melanie since she found out he cheated? 

Kendra:  I know!  I felt so bad for her when he cheated.  I know I would be ready to kill Justin if he cheated on me. 

Destiny:  Oh please!  Has that boy even kissed you yet?

Kendra:  He kissed me on the cheek when we went to the movies with my brother. 

Destiny:  And I bet you giggled for the rest of the night. 

Kendra:  Anyway!!  I am looking forward to Everybody Hates Chris.  I can see the boy who plays Drew playing Lamar and the boy who plays Chris playing Steven.

Destiny:  None of those girls that Chris drools over are good enough to play me.  I guess I will have to play myself. 

Carla:   I like your choices Kendra.  I can see that as well. I just hope that just once this season Chris gets his comeuppance over somebody on that show.  

I want to check out the season premiere of Gossip Girl.  I never watched The O.C. or Laguna Beach, but I am excited to see a book series translated into a TV series.  I read a few of the books in the series so I will definitely tune into the season premiere. 

Destiny:  Sure wish we could become a TV show. 

Kendra:  That would be awesome!   

Carla:  I think that would be wonderful.  Maybe one day it’ll happen. 

Destiny:  I wish you knew some rich people to make it happen. 

Carla:  Destiny, not everyone is going to pay their way to the top.  If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen.

Destiny:  Well, maybe if you stopped obsessing over Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives and got to work on the third book which is all about me, you might get somewhere with the series. 

Carla:  I need to pay somebody to take your little butt out.  Kendra, what other shows are you looking forward to?

Kendra:  America‘s Next Top Model, of course!  

Carla:  Good call!! I am too.  I took a break from it last cycle, but I think I will check it out this cycle.  Who was your favorite of the models so far?

Destiny:  Yaya was my favorite!  Camille was my other favorite.  

Kendra:  I loved Eva, Danielle, and Nik with the curly hair. 

Destiny:  I wanted to try out for the show but then I figured I am already so beautiful and there is nothing that Tyra and them could teach me so I’ll just stay at home and watch them make fools of themselves on TV.

Kendra: Plus, you’re too young to compete.  You have to be at least 18 to go on there. 

Carla:  Ladies, thank you so much for chatting with me about TV, but I am sure you have some homework to do and I definitely have some more editing to do.  We’ll talk again soon. 

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