Lamar, the Star of Freshman Focus, Watches CBS’ Kid Nation

What’s up y’all?  This is Lamar Washington, the STAR of Freshman Focus.  I took over Carla’s blog while she reads another book.  I wish she would come on and get to work on the third book.  I am trying to be famous and meet Beyonce so we can get married, but anyway. . .

CBS jacked my idea!  Ain’t this about a blip!  I had an idea one day at lunch to have a teenage version of Survivor featuring my classmates at Carter G. Woodson High, including my friends Kendra, Cidney, and Steven.  Oh, and Destiny too.   I swear!  When you read Just Be which is Freshman Focus’ sequel in 2008, you will see my idea that was created in May 2007.  I didn’t know anything about Kid Nation until a few weeks ago.

So I tuned in and yes there are variations of my idea.  They have 8 year olds without any adult supervision except that host who appears out of nowhere (yeah right) and the camera men.  And what’s with the town council being 10 and 11 year olds.  I mean I know there are some mature 10 and 11 year olds but I know as a 14 year old, I barely want to listen to my 13 year old brother Cameron tell me what to do.  Only way I listen to Cam is if he says that my mom said to do it.  Otherwise, it’s not happening.

But anyway, I watched the show and I liked it.  I kept imagining Kendra, Destiny, Cidney, Steven and me out there with Kendra’s brother and our friends.  It would be madness in Bonanza.  First of all, those mattresses or what they are calling mattresses would need more fluff to them.  Those things were thin.  There is no way I could sleep on that thing.   I have towels that are thicker than those mattresses.

And the cooking?  Sophia, uhh, good looking out on making the macaroni and cheese but where was the paprika and condensed milk in that joint?  All I saw was noodles and cheese.  At least give me some salt and pepper.

The next morning when everybody was told to only get one pancake and they were the size of the bagels at Panera?  I felt for little dude who came to breakfast and there was no more food.  I might have rolled out and went back to the house when I saw them milking GOATS.  GOAT MILK!  Wasn’t any cows around and willing to go to Bonanza?

I like Michael, not Town Council Crybaby Mike who is an 11 year old Boy Scout, but Michael who gave a couple of Kendra like speeches.  He seems more of a leader than Mike who tried to get buck with Greg who went around chalking up the bunkhouses.  That was hilarious!

Greg could roll with me though.  He might get on my nerves after a while but he has a lot of heart.

Ugh at that kid who bought a book at the general store!!!  Dude, what are you doing?  And then he bought Shakespeare and he’s 9!?!!?!!?  Man, when I was 9 I didn’t want a book.  I wanted toys and candy and video games.  Kick him off my TV!

But I swear when I realized those kids had just one stinky outhouse for 44 kids, I felt for them.  And then I laughed as I imagined Destiny in that situation.  She would have had a fit!  And to see them doing laundry like my grandmother does – outside and on the line with clothes pins.  Destiny would have stabbed somebody to get that bus back to take her home.

Sophia had mad hustle in her to dance just to get a $3 bike.  She can’t dance, but I admire her for thinking on her feet and realizing that she was not going to get there on 10 cents alone.   Sophia, when you get home check out BET or Darrin’s Dance Grooves or even Laurie “Boom Kack” Gibson for some new moves.

I really wonder though about the parents allowing their kids to do this experiment.  The $20,000 reward would be nice though but I cannot imagine my mother letting me go to a “summer camp” in New Mexico with no adult supervision.

I am glad they chose the extra outhouses because what good is a TV without cable?  I wonder if the next challenge will let them get real mattresses.

I’ll be checking it out next week, but I just have one request.  Send those chapped lip kids some Carmex or send them home. 

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