Have You Read the Premiere Issue of Double Dutch Magazine Yet?

I am thrilled to have Freshman Focus featured as the book club selection in the premiere issue of Double Dutch magazine. Double Dutch is edited by my high school classmate Jennifer Threat.  Double Dutch is a magazine for young ladies ages 12-17 that speaks their language as well as teaches them pride in their community and culture.  The magazine also includes fashion, exercise tips and entertainment with an urban focus.   It aims to help African-American, Hispanic and Asian girls have the confidence to reach their goals! 

Take a look at the premiere issue of Double Dutch and tell others to check it out as well.  Share this magazine with the young ladies in your life. In the future, you will be able to subscribe to the magazine as well so add Double Dutch to your list of favorite websites.

One Response to “Have You Read the Premiere Issue of Double Dutch Magazine Yet?”

  1. Debbie Copeland Says:

    Congratulations, Carla, on having your YA book, “Freshman Focus” featured in Double-Dutch magazine. That’s awesome!

    D-D looks like a great and much needed magazine for our young black teens. =)

    ~Debbie Copeland, Author
    The Kids at Latimar High

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