Real Page Turners’ Review of Freshman Focus

4 out of 5 stars

We all look forward to starting high school. However, as we grow older and become parents we tend to forget the bad times and glorify the highlights we experienced. Take time and remember your first year in high school with the students at Carter G. Woodson High School.

Kendra, Lamar, Destiny, and Steven entered the halls of Carter G. Woodson High with expectations of an exhilarating freshman year. They stressed over appearance, homework, meeting new friends and joining new organizations. But who are these students? Kendra walks the halls like a runway diva because she has the trio – gorgeous face and clothes, basketball skills and book smarts. Lamar has the support of his best friend, Kendra, and the quick wit that drives the teachers crazy. Destiny believes that her money and family status will be all she needs to be the part of the “in” crowd. Steven is proud to attend school for the first time without worrying about his safety. The progression of the storyline and intricate weaving of well-developed characters makes this an attention-grabbing read for young adults while appealing for parents. This allows you to be a silent member of the freshman class at Carter G. Woodson High.

FRESHMAN FOCUS plunges into the mind of students sharing their inner most thoughts and feelings. The infusion of important dates and facts in Black History, leadership quotes and real high school experiences make this an easy-to-relate-to narrative. The teen scene is one area lacking well-written stories but Sarratt knows how to appeal to this void in African American Literature. There are a few sub-plots not followed up perhaps they will be revealed in the upcoming second installment of this series. Buy this for all the teens in your life!


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