Talk About Jesus be a Fence


I love Desperate Housewives.  Oh sure, there are weeks when I want Susan to die or at least get kidnapped for three seasons, but I love this show.  But Sunday, my love for the off the wall antics grew.

I admit that when Mary Alice narrated that one of them would lose a husband, I was worried it would be Tom, Lynette’s husband.  She just kicked cancer’s butt, found out her former stepfather is gay, and made some peace with her mother, it would have sucked to have Tom kick the bucket.  I am still not over Rex dying in season one of this show.

So I was happy when I saw Victor with that gun.  I figured it would be the age old gun tussle and Carlos would gain the upper hand and shoot Victor by accident.  It’s standard fare in TV shows and movies when there is a gun involved, but then they went outside.

As the winds raged.

And pieces of the fence began to fly.

And Carlos and Victor had a wrestling match on the front lawn as they hoped to regain gun control.

And then Victor stood up.  And a piece of the fence pierced his mayoral heart and probably part of whatever body part that is below the heart.  I’m a writer, not a doctor.

Seeing Victor immediately made me think of a gospel diddy that says “Jesus Be a Fence” and I laughed and laughed and laughed.

Fare thee well, Victor.  I’ll never look at a fence again and not think of you.

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