The Gym, the Movies, and the $185,000 Check

Random blog title for a random blog entry.  It’s the way of the world.   Happy 2008 to ya!

Chapter 1:  The Gym 

Today I went to the gym ready to complete a 5K on the treadmill.  I walked in armed with my MP3 player, 2 bottles of water, and my book to read.  I greeted the front desk clerk, told her my gym number and kept walking towards the locker room.  She halted me on my journey and told me that I could not wear my scarf while on the floor.  Say what?  I wore the exact same scarf yesterday to the gym.  Normally I wear my hair in a ponytail to the gym, but the past two days I just kept it tied up while I worked out.  I looked at this woman thinking, “Surely you jest.”  Nope, no jest.  So I went back home, combed down my wrap, and put it in a ponytail and headed back to the gym.

I get back inside the gym and head to the locker room.  On my way I see two other women with scarves on.  **needle on the record scratching** I put my jacket up and walked back to the desk where I told the same lady who sent me home about the other two.  Tattletale?  Maybe, but it’s the principle of the situation.  You can wear a hat in the gym but not a scarf?  I don’t go home and wash my hair everyday and I don’t like wearing my hair down when I work out as it gets in the way.  So whether I decide to come to the gym with a scarf on my head or in a ponytail should be up to me.  As long as I don’t come to the gym improperly attired or making fun of people, I should be able to keep my scarf.  They don’t say anything to the clowns who wear denim to the gym.  Zippers are much more destructive than my satin hair scarf.

But since I only pay $10/month, there will not be a new gym in my future.  I’ll just suck it up, but I better not see any other scarves in that place.

Chapter 2:  The Movies

Yesterday I watched Mrs. Doubtfire on ABC Family.  I really like the movie and think it is quite hilarious that Sally Field’s character Miranda could not see that Mrs. Doubtfire was really her soon to be ex-husband that she was married to for 14 years.  But I guess we see what we want to see.  Not to mention, it would have ruined the movie’s premise. Now I know that a sequel is not necessary for this movie, but I’ve always wanted to know did Miranda and Daniel get back together.  There was an undertone that Miranda started seeing Daniel in a different light once he got the TV show and we know he’s more responsible now.  With all of his changes, could she have considered a reconciliation?  In my mind, I think she did.

What can I say?  I’m a sucker for a happy ending.

Today I watched Barbershop and Barbershop 2 and wondered:  Did we ever find out who really drank Terri’s apple juice?  I don’t think it was Jimmy.  I think it was Eddie as he just didn’t give a damn.

I’m looking forward to seeing David Talbert’s First Sunday this weekend.  It looks hilarious although I hope there are more funny scenes beyond what they show on the previews.  That is a pet peeve of mine – when the previews show all of the best parts of a movie.

Chapter 3:  The $185, 000 Check

This morning when I woke up, my TV was on CNN where they were showing a Black man who found a $185,000 check on the street.  Initially, he thought it was $185.00.  Regardless, he returned the check to its owner and was rewarded with $50.

50 American dollars.

Hold on.  Must grab calculator.  I hope I do this right.

$50/$185,000X100= 0.027027% reward

Now that I did the calculation, I really feel some type of way about that reward given.  Now sure the actual dissemination of said reward is optional.  But in this day and age where the mentality is “finders keepers losers weepers,” and someone bothers to do the right thing and give you back $185,000 that you lost, surely Check Owner could have been a bit more generous. 


On CNN, Mr. Damone said his rent is $800 per month.  As the article tells us, he receives food stamps and works at McDonald’s.  The check belonged to a landlord.  Maybe the landlord will be generous and pay Mr. Damone’s rent for 6 months. 

Epilogue:  The Cybils

Tomorrow, the 123 young adult authors, including me, find out who made it as a finalist for the 2007 Cybils.  I wish all of the authors the best.  I know that I will be checking the website quite a bit tomorrow at work.  Multi-tasking, don’tchaknow?

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  1. Melody Says:

    I’da told! I would’ve marched straight up to that desk and asked to see a manager or something! LOL

  2. carlasarratt Says:

    I told and I had to cool my righteous indignation before I spoke to her, LOL!

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