Terrific Thursday

I should be sleep, but I woke up about thirty minutes ago — I do that a lot — and looked out the window to see SNOW!  Now being an Ohio native, what I see outside is not enough to do anything in Ohio like keep kids home from school.  But this is Tarheel Territory where 0.0124 inches of snow is enough to keep kids home from school and me home from work so say it with me now:  SNOW DAY! (say it like they say “Road Trip!” on Legally Blonde)

There’s probably an inch out there, or less than that.  I have no idea to tell the truth because I am not a ruler or a meterologist.  But, again, it’s enough!

I’ve been busy lately with The Brown Bookshelf gearing up for 28 Days Later which starts on February 1 and lasts all month long.  Last week, we added a MySpace page to increase our networking with libraries and others within children’s literature.  On Tuesday, we announced the 28 authors and 4 illustrators that we will be profiling for the month in our Shining the Spotlight blog written by Paula Chase.  We’re excited and have worked hard for the last two months to choose great authors to spotlight from nominations.  We talk all of the time about how much we have learned as a result of being a part of The Brown Bookshelf.  I’ve learned more about picture book and middle grade authors and illustrators as well as young adult fiction.

And I am geeked to know that I get to profile the following authors:  Rita Williams-Garcia, Coe Booth, M. Sindy Felin, Valerie Wilson Wesley, Allison Whittenberg, and Karen English.  All 6 women have some really great books that I look forward to curling up with and reading over the next couple of weeks.  It’s humbling for me as well to get to learn more about fellow authors and share that knowledge with you.

And Don Tate created an amazing 28 Days Later poster that is available to print off as either a PDF or JPG file.  So head over to The Brown Bookshelf, add it to your internet favorites and stop by often but especially in February.

Coming soon, I’ll be doing a self-publishing series of blogs here on my own blog as the warm up to the Just Be excerpt to be shared here on the blog as well.

2 Responses to “Terrific Thursday”

  1. Paula Says:

    Hey C. That snow you guys have is heading our way. Normally I love snow – the way it slows things down. But we have tix to take the princess to the Chris Breezy concert tomorrow – so I’m hoping it’ll be a light snow fall.

    Enjoy the day off.

  2. carlasarratt Says:

    Aaaw I hope the snow doesn’t ruin the concert plans. He and Bow Wow are here on Saturday at the theater near my house. I’ll be thinking good snow thoughts for ya!

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