Stony the Road I Trod 4

For the next two weeks I will be blogging about my self-publishing journey.  Over the past year or so, different people have asked me about the publishing process overall and self-publishing specifically.  The first part of the journey will be titled “Stony the Road I Trod” as it relates to my life as I tried to make heads or tails of publishing a book.


rocky_road.jpgOddly enough, a coworker mentioned self-publishing to me in June 2003 and I told her no right off.  How in the world can I self-publish when it’s enough of a challenge to pay my bills every month?  Plus I was still confident that my book would find the right agent right away and I would get a book contract with an advance and be able to quit my job.

Clearly I was plagued with delusions of grandeur.  I was convinced that I was going to become the next Terry McMillan for young adult readers within weeks of publication.  I was already looking forward to quitting my job, traveling the country promoting the book, sitting on Oprah’s couch, having the book made into a movie or TV show on Disney channel or Nickelodeon.  I even sat around and cast who I wanted to play the fab 4.  I was GONE!  I saw all of the possibilities of what could happen to my book and me as a result.

I still believe that many of the things I want to happen will occur, but it won’t be right away.  And I’m okay with that.

The coworker who initially suggested self-publishing used to bring me articles about self-publishing all the time.  And like Usher, these are my confessions:  I still paid her and the articles no mind.  I would glance at the articles but not follow up on the resources mentioned.  Blocking my own blessing, but I sincerely didn’t know how on Earth I would be able to afford to self-publish.

Plus I admit that I looked negatively at self-publishing.  Over the years, I’ve read several books by self-published authors that were poorly written and/or edited.  I read a book once that was so bad, I just could not read anymore.  And I was afraid that if I self-published, my book would be looked at negatively and so would I as an author.  I didn’t want my book, my story, and my dreams to be painted as inferior.  I believed in the story I told.  Oh, I know it’s not perfect, but I felt that with guidance, it could be polished.

So I would just smile and nod when self-publishing was mentioned and/or suggested.

2 Responses to “Stony the Road I Trod 4”

  1. Don Tate Says:

    This past weekend, I spoke at an SCBWI conference and told practically that same story, about how I thought I was gonna be rich after my first book, and quit my job, and take my wife on a Hawiian vacation, and buy a new house and pay cash. Boy did I need a wake up call.

  2. carlasarratt Says:

    LOL @ your pipe dreams too. It was a harsh wake up call. Way harsh.

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