Stony the Road I Trod 6

For the next two weeks I will be blogging about my self-publishing journey.  Over the past year or so, different people have asked me about the publishing process overall and self-publishing specifically.  The first part of the journey will be titled “Stony the Road I Trod” as it relates to my life as I tried to make heads or tails of publishing a book.

rocky_road.jpgSo now it’s 2005 and I was still thinking about the Chicken Soup piece I wanted to write.  I kept having some words echo in my mind:  In the company of my sisters, I grow.

I thought of those words a lot, but it wasn’t until I was at a birthday party in April 2005 that the entire piece came to me.  It would later be called “The Sister Circle” and it’s my ode to sisterhood, female friendships.  It was published in November 2005 by SisterDivas, an online magazine.

Also in 2005, I started writing what was supposed to be a short story on forgiveness in a relationship.  But if you know me, or read my blogs, you know I don’t know how to write short pieces.  I’m wordy.  Can’t help it.  That story has grown into so much more and it’s still not done much to the disappointment of those who have read it.  Maybe one day.

All this writing was literally flowing out of my fingertips on sheets of paper at work or on to a computer screen.  I later submitted “The Sister Circle” to Chicken Soup for the African American Woman Soul and they said it made the preliminary cut but ultimately was not included in the publication.  But I was cool with that.

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