Stony the Road I Trod 7

Since last week, I have shared my rocky journey to become a published author.  My journey has been filled with doubts, setbacks, and uncertainties, but now that I have accomplished my goal of publication, the rocky road filled with twists and turns was definitely worth it.  Today’s entry is not the end to the story so keep reading this week and part of next week to read what I experienced and what I have learned.

   The summer of 2005 was approaching and with it came my 30th birthday.  In May, I was listening to the radio and heard an announcement about a book fair that was happening that weekend but I was going to be out of town.  I heard the name of a local publishing company so I Googled for their information.  Did some reading about them and later contacted them.  I was asked to submit my manuscript.  It was later accepted for publication.

So I was jazzed!   I sent everybody an e-mail.

The company and I agreed to meet that following Saturday.  And I left the meeting hella confused and upset.  They asked me how many copies of my book I wanted to print.  Say what, now?  For 500 copies, it would cost me $4000 and they would own the rights to my book for 7 years.  Say what now?  So essentially they are not a publishing company.  When I returned to let them know that I was not interested and just wanted my book back, they actually tried to convince me of how good their deal was.

Mama ain’t raise no fool. 

Back to the drawing board.  The fiasco with that company was only told to like four people.  At this point, I was like freak a book.  Privately, I threw in the towel.  And the killing part was the Johnny Come Latelys who read the e-mail after I decided not to go with the company so I would read these congratulations and just shake my head. 

Dream deferred like a mug.

A couple of weeks later, I received a message from one of my sorority sisters telling me that she had recently inherited some money and wanted to give me money to publish my book.  Now of the four people I told, she had not been one of them.  How on Earth?  I remember that I woke up early on a Monday morning to find that message in my inbox and I was blown away.  It further affirmed my love for my sorority and the women who are a part of it.

That message revved me back up that I was going to publish my book.  And it confirmed that I was meant to self-publish my book on my terms.

Talk about the circle of life.

Then another dear friend told me she had money for me to self-publish my book as well.  So I was set financially.  No more excuses.

So I went out and purchased a self-publishing book and read it.  Well I read part of it, but when it started talking about page measurements and stuff, I got confused.  And put that book down.

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  1. Don Tate Says:

    I’m so glad you didn’t go that first route. Glad like a mug…lol! I was sitting here going, don’t tell me that’s what she did. Good for you.

  2. carlasarratt Says:

    No sir, lol.

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