Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now

Since last week, I have shared my rocky journey to become a published author.  My journey has been filled with doubts, setbacks, and uncertainties, but now that I have accomplished my goal of publication, the rocky road filled with twists and turns was definitely worth it. 

After Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, a woman in my former writing group was inspired to create an anthology where all of the proceeds would go to survivors of Hurricane Katrina and later Hurricane Rita as well. 

The three themes of the anthology are passion, politics, and purpose so I took each theme and wrote around it.  Passion was the subject of my poem called “Soul Kiss.” I was really proud of one of the stories that I wrote for the anthology called “Welcome to Negrotopia” which focuses on the political theme.  It was the easiest to write for me since the aftermath of Katrina made me so angry.

Surfacing was published in October 2006 through Outskirts Press.  Just before it came out, I contacted Tacheia who is the brainchild and compiler of Surfacing to ask how she liked working with Outskirts.

As I waited for her reply, I looked up Outskirts Press and liked what I read. In 2004, I asked my writing group about self-publishing and researched the options and companies presented to me, but none of them ever really felt right for me until I read about Outskirts.

And everything clicked for me.  I saw the possibilities and talking to Tacheia confirmed the ease of the process. 

I also think part of the clicking was that I was finally fully ready to publish my book.  I’ve come to realize that if I had published Freshman Focus any earlier I might not have done as well.  Timing really is everything.

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