Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now 2

Since last week, I have shared my rocky journey to become a published author.  My journey has been filled with doubts, setbacks, and uncertainties, but now that I have accomplished my goal of publication, the rocky road filled with twists and turns was definitely worth it. 

Now in between my birthday 2005 and October 2006, I had the book professionally edited and the cover art drawn.  In preparation for Freshman Focus’ arrival, I had the website professionally designed by my sorority sister and friend, found a mailing list provider, joined MySpace, and purchased promotional items.

As a self-published author, I am more than just the author.  I am also my publicist and agent.  I wrote and distributed my own press release.  With my mother’s help, I had some author appearances/book signings in my hometown.  I’ve had to write letters to libraries across the country to promote the book and ask them to consider adding it to their collection.  I’ve done the same thing with bookstores.

I’ve had some successful moments and a couple of unsuccessful moments.  But every moment has taught me something.  I’ve met some great people who are in my corner reading the book and telling others to read the book.

Summer 2007, I sent query letters to a few agents that I found on QueryTracker and Agent Query.  Now more agents accept e-queries so the rejection comes faster.  A lot of my agented author friends are pushing me to query again and I will keep trying to find an agent.  I think Just Be is a better written and edited book than Freshman Focus but I believe every writer improves their craft over time as long as they are willing to grow.  And I am.

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