Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now 5

Once everything’s set, you have to pay to start the self-publishing process.  The major steps are choosing the layout format, choosing the cover format, writing up the back cover summary along with brief author bio, determining the cost of the book and the wholesale discount for Borders, libraries, Amazon, etc. to purchase your book.  Outskirts has a gallery of photos that can be used for the book cover, but I use an illustrator for my book covers so that’s one less step for me.

With Outskirts, there are publishing packages and with my package, I get a Library of Congress number as well as the ISBN number along with the barcode.  In addition, my book is immediately listed on Amazon and Barnes&Noble.com for purchase.  Outskirts Press also has distribution through Ingram and Baker & Taylor. The company also offers press release distribution upon publication as a feature with the package I use.

While I don’t have a literary agent, I have a rep from Outskirts who is my go-to person as I get the book ready for publication.  The rep is very helpful with answering my questions about next steps.

I first contacted Outskirts on October 9, 2006 after spending the weekend reading everything on their website at least twice. I wanted to make sure I understood everything that I read.  The first step was e-mailing Freshman Focus to them as it has to be read and accepted for publication.  Primarily they check that it is appropriate to be published.

After getting everything together with the absolute final edited draft that included the logo drawn by Janeane and the cover photo, I sent the huge file to Outskirts for them to block the book out into book form.  Back and forth the book goes for me to look over the PDF file for errors.  With Freshman Focus, that took one weekend in November.

And then the waiting continued with more preparation for the book’s arrival like parents do in expectation of the arrival of a newborn baby.  They paint the room.  I created bookmarks.  Expectant parents buy diapers, clothes, bottles, and furniture for the baby’s arrival.  I went shopping for sturdy shipping envelopes.  Newborn parents get a birth announcement ready as well as write thank you cards to those who came to the baby shower.  I drafted my press release.

I still remember coming home from a comedy show on December 30, 2006 and reading an e-mail from my author rep to let me know that my book was finally ready.  What was even better was Saturday, January 6, 2007 when I got to hold copies of my book in my hands.  It was such a surreal moment to see what used to live inside my computer saved as book1.doc to be a full blown, 6 X 9 book with my name on it.  I felt like a new mother after her first baby is born minus the epidural, contractions, and all that other stuff that motherhood brings.

Although I did labor to get Freshman Focus published.  And it lasted longer than 9 months.

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  1. Cattt Says:

    Hi Carla, I found your page via the Outskirts Newsletter. Im at work right now and I can’t wait to read your blog later. : ) Happy Writing!

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