Just Be: A First Look

After many weeks of edits and revisions, I can finally share with you the excerpt of Just Be, the sequel to Freshman FocusJust Be picks up right where Freshman Focus ended and we get to see what happens to Kendra, Destiny, and Cidney when they along with Nia, Lesia, and Arika decided not to pursue membership into Omega Tau.

Homecoming has hit Woodson High and the hallways are buzzing with activity!  What else is going on at Woodson?  Kendra has joined student council and her evenings are filled with committee meetings and phone calls from Justin, the boy who caught her eye in Freshman Focus.

Lamar has his hands full with a group project in Civics class and finding a date for the homecoming dance.   It is a lot of work, but the project would be fun if Ms. Jackson had not placed Lamar and Destiny in a group together. 

Destiny’s being tormented by Omega Tau members until Kendra knocks some sense and confidence back into Destiny.  Now she can get back to tormenting Lamar in Civics class and getting ready to wow the entire school.

Still adjusting to life in Charlotte, Steven is surprised to hear what his friends have in store for his birthday.  On the strength of Destiny’s present to him, Steven asks her to go to the homecoming dance with him.  Will she say yes?

And now with no further ado, a scene from the first chapter of Just Be . . .

           “Hey Alexis,” Kendra greeted as she saw her friend approach the bus stop Monday morning.  “Are you ready for the student council meeting today?”

            Alexis looked at Kendra and rolled her eyes in response.  Making it obvious to everyone at the bus stop how she felt, Alexis walked a wide circle away from where Kendra stood with Lamar and Malcolm as they waited for the bus.

            “Dang, you just got dissed by Alexis!” Lamar yelled.

            Kendra felt her body growing warm with embarrassment at how Alexis snubbed her in front of their entire bus stop.  Everyone else might have overlooked what Alexis did if Lamar had not made such a big deal about it, but since Lamar was around this incident was not going to be ignored.

            “What did you do to her?” Lamar asked Kendra.  “Y’all don’t have on the same outfit or nothing like that.  Did you tell her that her breath stinks?  Come on, girl.  Tell me what happened.”

            “Nothing happened,” Kendra replied with some heat in her voice.  Truthfully, her anger was meant for Alexis and Kendra knew it but Lamar didn’t make it any better.

            “Something happened.  You should send her an e-card to make it all better,” Lamar suggested.

            “Shut up, Lamar,” Kendra seethed as the bus pulled up to the corner where the kids stood waiting.

Come back Monday, March 17th for one more preview from Just Be!

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  1. Melody Says:

    Awww… I need more!!!!!!!!

  2. carlasarratt Says:

    More is coming on Monday and then when the book comes out in three months. LOL

  3. Brandi Says:

    What has gotten into Alexis? lol

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