A Second Dose of Just Be

As promised, here is a second excerpt of Just Be which involves Ms. Destiny in the center of the action.  In case you are just tuning in, you can read the excerpt posted last week first and then come back for the newest one.

           Destiny entered the front hallway Tuesday morning feeling frustrated.  She hated riding the school bus!  Her parents refused to allow Margaret to drive her to school every morning.  They had also vetoed limousine rides to school.  Riding the bus was so common!  Every morning after getting off of the bus, Destiny went to the bathroom and washed her face free from the bus fumes and air.   She was adamant in her belief that the air on the bus was filled with filthy germs that were bad for her skin.

            Destiny headed to the bathroom on the first floor.  She kept her beauty supplies in her book bag so she could cleanse herself as soon as she arrived at school each morning.  She also kept a comb and brush with her to make sure that she was absolutely perfect in her appearance.

            Destiny stood at the sink rubbing her face with her facial cleanser.  She heard someone else approach but continued to rub her face.

            “Look at you, Miss Priss,” a voice taunted from behind.

            Destiny turned toward the voice.  Seeing Veronica, Destiny smiled a greeting.

            “Why are you smiling at me?” Veronica asked.

            “Hi, Veronica,” Destiny replied in an attempt to defuse Veronica’s hostile attitude.

            “Miss Priss, I would advise you to watch your back,” Veronica warned with a menacing smile.  Destiny stared back at Veronica in utter fear.  Destiny could hear the soap bubbles pop on her face.  There had been two other people in the bathroom when she arrived.  Where were they now?  “Do you understand?”

            Destiny nodded. 

            Satisfied, Veronica turned and left the bathroom.

            Destiny turned back toward the sink.  She looked at her reflection in the mirror.  All she saw was soap on her face and fear in her eyes.  Destiny bent to rinse the soap off of her face.  All of a sudden, Destiny felt a hand grab the back of her head and hold it down under the water.  Destiny felt her hair getting wet.  She tried to resist the hand holding her head under the water, but whoever it was had a strong hold on her. 

            After what seemed like minutes, the hand released her.  Destiny pulled her head out from the sink and looked in the mirror.  Her hair and her shirt were soaked.  She couldn’t tell the difference between her tears and water from the sink.

            Destiny went inside a bathroom stall and put the toilet seat down.  She took a seat and began to cry. She cried until she heard the 7:20 bell ring.  She exited the bathroom stall and grabbed some paper towels.  She rubbed her hair with the paper towels at a rapid pace.  She had about ten minutes to fix her hair and get to first period.

So there you have it, two scenes from Just Be for you to read again and again until the book comes out later this spring.  Check back in a few weeks to view the book cover and a few more surprises planned.

3 Responses to “A Second Dose of Just Be”

  1. Melody Says:

    Good stuff soror!!! I am definitely looking forward to this book! What can we do to move the date up??? LOL

  2. carlasarratt Says:

    LOL, right now just be patient because it’s really out of my hands, but I promise as soon as it’s ready, I will let you all know. 🙂

  3. Colette Says:

    This is a great TEASE of what’s to come! I can’t wait!!! 🙂

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