Post Operation Teen Book Drop

I Googled.  I went.  I dropped. 

I Googled places to drop books off.   As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, I was inspired by Oprah’s Big Give to give to organizations or at least one organization.  So I went in cyber search mode for one.  I came across a lot of great places that work with kids, including foster homes, but one stuck out to me.

Yesterday I woke up and wanted to give books to the local YMCA branches so I found ones with teen programs that might like a book to add to their library.

I bequeathed copies of Freshman Focus to the Elon Home for Children, the McCrorey Branch of the YMCA, the Simmons Branch of the YMCA and Albermarle Rd. Middle School. 

It felt good to spread literature around Charlotte and know that my book will be introduced to more readers around the city.  I plan to rock the drop every year and find more places next year to spread the love of literature!

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