Let’s Go Blog Hopping 2

I’m back for another round of blog hopping!  In the year plus that I’ve been published, I’ve learned about a great number of blogs out there for authors by authors.  Blogs that interview authors and inform readers of new releases.  Blogs that talk about the journey to publication and life as a published author.  Group blogs where authors blog as a group about events, issues, and concerns in the publishing community.

Last week, I shared with you about the change in Sweet Valley High where the twins Jessica and Elizabeth will go from a size 6 to a size 4.  Very alarming, right?

Hold on to your hats, boys and girls.  In real life, thanks to Liz B over at Tea Cozy, I learned of real life moms who take their 9 year olds to get a bikini wax.  I’m fully grown but have never had a wax of any sort.  The closest I come to wax is what roams in my ears and the wax that melts from candles.

As a 9 year old, I don’t recall any hair down there.  I think I started taking a razor to my underarms around the age of 11 or 12.  Maybe 13. 

Up next is Chicken Spaghetti.  No, we’re not eating, lol.  It’s a blog.  A great blog.  I read several great entries while there, but there was one entry that stood out to me.

It actually hit me in the head when I read it.  I am a couch and computer chair potato.  I watch a lot of TV.  And this week Ugly Betty returns! Whooo hooooooo  Last week was the season finale for Biggest Loser V where Ali won which made me happy although I was really rooting for Kelly to take the prize. 

I know of people who have done a TV fast where they abstain from TV for a period of time as well as people who give up TV for Lent.  Lent is 40 days and 40 nights.  I know of people who trim down their cable package to get rid of all of the movie channels and hopefully watch less TV.

I’ve reduced my cable package more for economics than my TV watching consumption, but Chicken Spaghetti’s family will have TV Turnoff Week starting April 21.  I can’t imagine.  As you read her blog, Chicken Spaghetti outlines reasons for unplugging their TVs this week as well as provides resources for doing it.

Maybe I will do this one week this year once the new episodes of Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty are gone.  I wonder when the new episodes of Women’s Murder Club return?

If I do TV Turnoff Week, I know it will benefit my reading, writing, and working out and decrease my electric bill.

So stay tuned.

Final hop today is to Mother Reader’s blog where she has a very cool plan for readers in June.  I am definitely going to participate in the 48 Hour Book Challenge where readers read and blog about what they read for 48 hours as long as the books are 5th grade reading level and up!  Go to Mother Reader’s blog to get all of the details and if you are going to participate like me, let Mother Reader know. 

Don’t have a blog?  This would be a cool time to start one and post reviews OR how about being a guest blogger on my site?  I welcome guest bloggers who love reading and want to share their thoughts on books they read for 48 hours.  So if you’re down to read for 48 hours on June 6 – 8, or whatever number of hours that you are able to do, let Mother Reader know in her comments section.

I know I have a ton of books I can spend that weekend reading as evidenced by the number of books listed in the YA library.  Plus there is a book I learned about on YA Authors Café that I really want to read by Shana Norris and I want to revisit some childhood favorites during the course of the weekend too.

She’s also accepting donations for prizes so I will happily contribute signed copies of Freshman Focus and Just Be for the cause.  If you read the most books, the most pages, or spend the most hours doing the challenge, you could win a great prize!

Tune in next Wednesday for more blog hopping in the vast blogosphere.

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  1. Beth Fehlbaum Says:

    I like your site and your writing style! Wait– wait– I’m still reeling from the Sweet Valley revelation– okay, I’m okay now. I think.
    I’d like to guest blog for you in June. . .

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