A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

And this picture is worth more than just one thousand.

This picture shows the culmination of many days and nights crafting another story of Lamar, Destiny, Steven, and Kendra.  This picture is the reflection of a partnership between Janeane and I both using our respective talents to tell a great story and illustrate that story.  Look at this picture and you’ll see my hopes and dreams.  This picture is the second layer of the Carter G. Woodson High School series.  It is the second story of many more stories to come.   It is my hope that you will read this book, share it with others, and Just Be.

5 Responses to “A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words”

  1. mrspilkington Says:

    Huzzah! Cpngratulations. I’m looking forward to reading Freshman Focus and Just Be (and also have a Woodson school in my book).

  2. mrspilkington Says:


  3. carlasarratt Says:

    LOL! What a coinkydink on the Woodson school twin. Thanks for the congratulations! I am very excited.

  4. proverbs31 :) Says:

    Love the illustration!

  5. Headed to Boot Camp « Keeping Up With Carla Says:

    […] wings and fries from Hot Sauce Williams.  I can’t toast a drink with my family on the release of my second book, unless it’s water, orange juice, or pomegranate blueberry […]

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