At Long Last

The sequel’s coming!  The sequel’s coming!  In my best Spongebob voice:  I’m ready!  I’m ready! 

And I’m not even talking about Just Be, the sequel to Freshman Focus.  I am talking about the sequel to Sister Souljah’s The Coldest Winter Ever.  I encountered The Coldest Winter Ever in January 2000 and was hooked from page one.  That weekend that I read it, I didn’t entertain too many phone calls.  I just fully immersed myself in Winter’s world.  It’s been eight years since I read this masterpiece, but it’s one book that stayed with me.  I remember feeling emotionally invested in what happened to Winter, her parents, her sisters, and her love for Midnight.  

In Winter’s eyes, Midnight was perfection and I carried that with me.  Why didn’t Midnight want Winter as much as every other man did?  Why did he rebuff her outside of the age thing and that he worked for her extremely powerful father?  Is Midnight as handsome as Winter leads us to believe?  Who is Midnight?

Well, in October 2008, I believe we can find out the answers to some of our questions as we read Midnight:  A Gangster Love Story.  How will Winter and her sisters be a part of his story?   Will she be out of prison? I am drawing a blank on some of the details of The Coldest Winter Ever so my plan is to re-read it at the end of September to refresh my memory in preparation for October 14th, the date of Midnight‘s release.

I’m excited to see what Sister Souljah has written.  I cannot imagine what is contained in the 352 pages, but I do know that her words were chosen with care.  Well, that’s my intuition.

And maybe once Midnight arrives, someone who is the best person for the project will finally tackle the movie version of The Coldest Winter Ever.  And while I am no Spike Lee, Steven Spielberg, in my experience of seeing books translated into movies, I lean heavily on the side of making The Coldest Winter Ever into a mini-series similar to what they did to The Starter Wife last year on USA.  I say this because I often look forward to seeing a beloved book on the big screen only to be disappointed at how they crammed hundreds of pages into an arbitrarily chosen length of film.  The Coldest Winter Ever is 400+ pages and should not be a 2 hour movie.  2 hours each night for 5 nights with no commercials would suit me just fine.  If they have commercials, then it needs to be limited commercials like they do on TBS and give me 2 extra days.  I’m just saying.

So again, I remind you and myself that I’m ready, I’m ready!

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