Let’s Go Blog Hopping IV

This is the week of exercise and hopping is an exercise.  I know it’s a stretch, but humor me.   

As we’ve seen with shows like The Biggest Loser and partly with the now defunct Extreme Makeover (watch reruns on the Style channel), losing weight means eating right plus regular exercise. 

This week’s blog hopping is all about healthy eating and exercise tips.  We might just learn something together. 

Chocolate is good, great, and definitely delicious.  A Weight Lifted has a very healthy alternative to brownies in the form of chocolate soy brownies.  Since 2006, I only buy soy milk and it is really a great thing to buy.  For one it lasts longer than regular milk and it is healthier.  The recipe that’s provided on A Weight Lifted calls for soy protein which can be found at GNC or other health food stores that sell vitamins and such.  I add a scoop to my water after workouts or a scoop to some milk and frozen fruit to make a great smoothie. 

According to A Weight Lifted, research shows that soy protein is good for your heart, kidneys, and blood vessels.  Soy protein is also beneficial in lowering your cholesterol.  Visit Soy Connection for more information about the benefits of adding soy products to your diet as well as recipes using soy.

Last year in one of my blogs, I talked about my tolerate/hate relationship with the elliptical machine so imagine my surprise when I discovered a kindred spirit in Angela the Beginner Fitness Junkie this week.  I’m still not a fan of the elliptical machine primarily because it does not facilitate easier book reading while on  that thing so I stick to the treadmill too.

BFJ clearly states she is no expert.  She’s a writer and copy editor who wants to tone up.  I like her blog because it is less technical and more personal with a conversational tone, like you’re reading an e-mail from a friend.  She even shares a cool recipe involving chicken thighs, ranch dressing, and rice.  I think I will try this recipe that she found via Recipezaar.  I love Recipezaar as they have gifted me many great smoothie recipes over the last year. 

I followed a link on Angela’s post to a site with Weight Lifting Tips for Women.  Not a blog per se, but filled with many great articles about the benefits of weight lifting for women as well as exercises recommended for women. 

So there you have it, more resources, blogs, and websites for the health conscious.  We might not be the biggest loser, but every little bit we do to improve our health makes us winners.

 Here’s to your health!

3 Responses to “Let’s Go Blog Hopping IV”

  1. beginnerfitnessjunkie Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! And I know I’ll be browsing smoothie recipes soon now that the weather’s warmer.

    And yes, the elliptical is the devil.

  2. Adriana Says:

    my class is making a fruit smoothies fund-raiser can u please give me some recipes

  3. yvonne Says:


    Love your site very informational. I have high cholesterol and work very hard at controlling it. I exercise and try to eat a good diet low in fats. Your information will help me even more. I try to learn as much as I can about cholesterol. Thanks and keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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