Funny How Time Flies

10 years ago today, I graduated from college.   I was 22 and full of optimism.  I had a teaching job waiting for me in Columbus, Ohio.  I walked across the lawn in Graduation Hollow ready to begin my adult life.  Bill Clinton was president.  Gas prices were low, but I had no car so that didn’t impact my daily life.

After I left Wittenberg, I only imagined that at one point, I would start grad school since The (you have to say The) Ohio State University offered free classes to Columbus Public School teachers one class at a time.  I took a few courses, but could not decide what I wanted to get a masters in.  Some said I should be an administrator, i.e. principal.Y’all saw how much trouble they gave Joe Clark, right.  Yeah, I’m not the one.

I contemplated being a guidance counselor, but I saw that part of that job included following up on truant students.

I feel I did great work in the classroom, but times are a changing.  We’re living in the day of technology where kids carry cell phones before they have a pencil, pen, and books in hand.  Yesterday I read about how 2 middle school students tried to rape a staff member.  The climate in the schools have changed tremendously.  But despite what we see on TV and read in the news, there are still many great schools with wonderful students and teachers working together.

Ten years went by so quickly.  As I sat in college, I saw my life going one way, as so many of us did, and the reality is different.  I never had write a book on my list of things I want to be and do in life.  I planned to be a child psychologist until I encountered Psych Stats.  The devil dwells in math textbooks, lol.

In college, I was introduced to e-mail, but never imagined how the Internet would grow in leaps and bounds.  Gas prices have done the same. 😦

My five years at Witt were great.  Made a lot of great friends and had some wonderful professors who really improved my writing and critical thinking.  The time spent at Wittenberg, most of it in the A/V section of the college library, were some of the best years of my life.  Spending time in the Commons, with a cheeseburger combo, Mountain Dew, and 3 Otis Spunkmeyer cookies as I wasted time before going to the library or class.

I’ve grown up a lot in ten years.  I think I have always been mature, but I see a lot of what I was told as a kid and a teen being so true for myself.

College gave me a very valuable education, but life after college has given me an even greater one.  And without having to take out a student loan or two in the process.

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  1. Darnetta Says:

    Wow!! I really hadn’t taken time to look back that far…lol 10 years ago, I met my husband, was a single mother with one child (an more kids weren’t in my plans). I was a hair dresser trying to finish college to become SOMETHING…I ended up majoring in social work and graduating with a BSW…

    Fast forward…I have three kids, am DONE with the social service field…it’s not as interesting as I thought and definitely not a lucrative field…lol I’m headed back to school for computer graphic design and that was NEVER a thought until I buckled down and figured out what I really loved to do.

    And you are absolutely right…times have changed for teachers especially. I’m wondering when they’ll start issuing bullet proof vests and requiring defense courses in order to get a teaching license….

    In 3 years, my daughter will be 18. She wants to become and OB/GYN…I wonder what’s going to happen for her in 10 years.

    I won’t even talk about gas!

    Great Blog!!

  2. carlasarratt Says:

    You’ve accomplished a LOT in 10 years. Best wishes to your daughter and her educational and career goals!

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