Boot Camp is NO Joke

Lord. What did I get myself into?
I’ve been home from my third session of boot camp for about 30 minutes now and I am finally not coughing, wheezing and sneezing.

As I type, I sip on a smoothie that I just created. Recipe will be at the end of today’s entry.

I came home Sunday night to see an e-mail from my trainer titled The Watermelon Workout. We were told to bring one watermelon with us to boot camp for today. Mmkay. After work today, I stopped at Wal Mart and grabbed the smallest watermelon I saw. Today was the first time I ever bought a watermelon. I’ve eaten watermelon but in my years of grocery shopping for myself, I’ve never purchased one. I don’t even have a knife to cut a watermelon.

I get to boot camp and see the first class working out with theirs and see the types of exercises we’ll do tonight.

False advertising or it looked way easier for them, lol.

So our class starts and we have a discussion on nutrition tips like using a 7 inch plate for breakfast and 9 inch plates for lunch and dinner. Most plate sizes these days are 11 inches.

My right arm hurts.

So our warm up is a run. I grabbed my sauna suit top and put it on for the first time.

I’m not a runner. Wednesday’s class is my running class and we had to do a mile. I did the mile but I mostly walked.

We ran up and down a hill and stairs.

Get back, grab our mats and those watermelons.

I forget what the first watermelon exercise was, but I wish I had my sorority sister’s teeny tiny watermelon or a canteloupe.

Oh wait. I remember now. We did squats with the watermelon. 20 or 25 of them.

We then had to run up and down the park steps 4 times carrying the watermelon. Sorority sister (SS) traded her teeny tiny one for my not so teeny tiny one. Thank GOD!

After this, I flung off that dang on sauna suit top.

Get back and we start doing sit ups with the watermelon. Then we do partner sit ups with the watermelon. I need a name for this thing. Watermelon is too much too type. Let’s call him Wes. With SS’s watermelon (named Willie), we do the partner sit ups where we pass Willie back and forth.

Right arm really hurts.

Then we do one armed push ups with Wes and Willie. 10 each. Those were so much fun. No sarcasm.

What did we do next?

Oh yeah, fling your partner’s legs down sit ups. Minus Wes and Willie.

We did more Wes and Willie squats, lunges, mountain climbers, and other such exercises that the devil himself had to have created.

Lisa (trainer) sure knows how to cram a lot into 45 minutes.

I was so glad when cool down came. So so so glad.

SS and I played Kick Wes until we got to the bench where Wes’ bag sat.

Then I had to pick Wes back up along with mat and other supplies to walk back up the steps to get to my car to get home.

I drove home in a daze.

Like for real.

Right arm. Bless its heart.

I made it home and cursed the 3 flights of stairs I had to climb.

If I didn’t lose a pound, a centimeter, an inch, SOMETHING, then I will never eat watermelon again. Wes or any of his freaking family members.

Wes has to sleep in the car tonight.

Time for the recipe of the smoothie I made tonight.

You Survived Watermelon Workout, Wheezie Smoothie

1 cup of soy milk, maybe more, lol
1 cup or so of frozen fruit (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries)
1/4 cup of Splenda
1/4 cup of orange juice
1 scoop of soy protein
1 tablespoon of honey
Put it in the blender. Press a button. Let it blend. Drink it.

And now time for my post-workout bath in epsom salt.  I must stay awake to catch the season finale of The Bad Girls Club.  I hope I can walk and type tomorrow.  And walk/run at tomorrow’s class.

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  1. Darnetta Says:

    Whew, that sounds like a lot! Poor Wes had to sleep in the car? Well at least it wasn’t the trunk…lol

  2. carlasarratt Says:

    I was too tired to even try to get in my trunk last night except to grab my purse.

    But I am not too too sore today.

  3. strawberries as climbers Says:

    […] and sneezing. As I type, I sip on a smoothie that I just created. Recipe will be at the end of tod Leap Rock Climbing InformationThis climb is great for first time Lover??s Leap climbers. […]

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