Who Will She Choose?

It’s been over 72 minutes since the last scene of Ugly Betty left my TV and I am so ready for September already.  Skip Memorial Day, Fathers Day, 4th of July, my birthday even, and get me to season premiere night of Ugly Betty NOOOOOOOOOW!!

I am addicted.

Tis true.

Loved tonight’s ep.

Who will Betty choose?  Okay, it is very very likely that Betty will go with Gio for the obvious reasons that he is there in NYC after they return from Rome near her family, he doesn’t have a baby making her an instant step mother to be, and a plethora of other reasons, like his muy caliente accent.  I don’t know how to say muy caliente in Italian so you get the Spanish way instead.  I didn’t take it for 6 years for nothing.

So, yeah Gio is the logical choice so she can also stay at Mode and work for Daniel.

But tonight’s scene with Daniel when he PAID for her ENTIRE TRIP TO ROME with another man and then their conversation where there was just so much chemistry and tenderness and undercurrents of a strong friendship leaning heavily on amor?  Yeah, I felt it too and wanted to be Betty so I could just say to him:

Betty:  Daniel (gush) I love you.  Let’s you, me, and your eyeliner wearing son go to Rome, and hey, let’s hop over to Paris so we can both learn French.

That totally could happen.

I think when she got on that plane, she was next to Daniel and Eyeliner Wearing Son (guess I could call him Jr. or DJ) but Eyeliner Wearing Son is more creative.  And hey, I am all about the creative. 🙂

So that’s what I want.

But if she has to choose, and Daniel is not a choice until say season 5, let her choose Gio.

But then Betty being the smart, confident, Guadalajara poncho wearing Latino that always comes out on top could have gone somewhere by her dang on self.

Now on to Miss Hilda.  That damn gym teacher is married.  GUH.  Aren’t they always?  And then he didn’t even tell her first.  Dude, wear your wedding band.

Hilda, don’t kiss him anymore until there are some finalized, notarized divorce papers in his hands.

Coach is cute and all, but he is no Santos.

At all.

Oh wait, Miss Wilhemina.  I don’t like you hurting Daniel. 

And poor Claire Meade.  She’s been hurt by her daughter as well and wondering if Alexis will do  this to Daniel, what will she do to her (Claire) and Hot Flash.  Natch.

So last week of September B.K.A. Season Premiere Week of Ugly Betty, COME ON DOWN!

2 Responses to “Who Will She Choose?”

  1. MJ Says:

    I love your thoughts on Betty and Daniel. Welcome to my fandom world! 😉

  2. carlasarratt Says:

    I just hope they don’t rush that romance. Give us a season of her and Gio, a season of Daniel and some floozy, lol, and then some SPARK!

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