48 Hours Review: Wayside School Get a Little Stranger

I’m not an expert or anything, but I am willing to bet that there is no other school on Earth like Wayside School.  At the beginning of the book, we learn that Wayside was closed for 242 days.  Why?  I have no idea.  I might need to read Sideways Stories from Wayside School or Wayside School is Falling Down to get the backstory.

After reading Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger, I know the following:

  • the school has 30 floors
  • there is no 19th floor
  • there is only one classroom on each floor
  • the principal Mr. Kidswatter is a little bit off
  • the students love Mrs. Jewls and Louis, the playground teacher

Once Mrs. Jewls goes on maternity leave, the students get a series of weird substitute teachers who turn the classroom on the 30th floor upside down with funny voices, old grudges, and a teacher who can hear what others think and uses that against them. 

The author of Holes, Louis Sachar tells a fun story about a funny school.  We have Allison who has to write a poem about the color purple yet doesn’t know any words that rhyme with purple.  Her best friend Rondi knows tons of words that rhyme with blue but never quite gets that poem written.

Kids will enjoy the wackiness found within the classroom and the playground at Wayside School.

2 Responses to “48 Hours Review: Wayside School Get a Little Stranger”

  1. beginnerfitnessjunkie Says:

    Oooh, I’m a big fan of the Wayside School series, but I haven’t read this one yet. *makes a mental note to do so*

    I really highly recommend checking out both Sideways Stories and Wayside School Is Falling Down…they’re both great. (WSIFD will tell you why the school was closed…)

  2. carlasarratt Says:

    Thanks BFJ for the recommendation! They didn’t have them on the shelf when I went Saturday but I will surely read both books. Wayside School is way cool! 🙂

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