ABC Family, We Need to Have a Talk

Dear ABC Family,

I have love for you as you aid in my television entertainment throughout the week and on the weekends, but in 2006 you captured my heart when you introduced me to the Sutton family living in Lincoln Heights.  From the start, I connected with this family who really are committed to each other and their community.  That first season as they faced trials and tribulations of a good neighborhood gone bad, I often pondered why not just leave.  There were many episodes where I telepathically implored the matriarch Jen Sutton to just pack up her things along with Cassie, Lizzie, and Tay’s things and leave Eddie to his quest to save Lincoln Heights.

But I was wrong to do that.

While the Sutton family hasn’t changed everyone, they are good for Lincoln Heights and Lincoln Heights are good for them.

So here we are in the third season and I can’t help but feel the need to sit myself down and let you, the powers that be at ABC Family, know how I feel about this season.

First of all, I noticed how short this season is.  Tonight is the season finale?!!?  Seriously?!?!?!  ABC Family, this is the 10th episode.  That is not a season, if this was on ABC, CBS, or NBC, this would be just the first half of the season.  The first season according to IMDB was 13 episodes.  Last season and this season only have 10 episodes.  We must fix that for the fourth season.  I want nothing less than 15 episodes.

Maybe President Elect Barack Obama can help me resolve this matter with you.  Hmmm.

That’s just a joke, good people.  I wouldn’t involve President Elect Barack Obama just yet.

Now the third season started off with a bang, you know Cassie and Charles being held hostage in their own house and discovering a secret attic after living there for about two years.  Or is it just one year?  I really can’t tell.  For all I know this is all happening in a matter of 6 months.  Well, I guess we can say for sure at least one year has passed since Sage was in a coma for forever.

And FYI, you could have just killed her.  No loss THERE.

So yes, the third season started with a bang, great tension, and such.  Loved it.

Then you introduce a new family, the Kingstons, who I can tell right away aren’t on the up and up.  Something in the water just wasn’t clean with them.  I wish Rev. Hammond’s wife had did a more thorough check on their background.  Rev. Kingston is nothing like Rev. Hammond.  Nothing, especially after last week’s episode.  The only character in the Kingston family that I like is the daughter who goes to school with Charles and Cassie.

And then in episode 6, they killed him.  Should have killed Devin Kingston instead, but noooooo, they killed Johnny, the mockingbird of Lincoln Heights.

I almost caught a spasm when I saw that Juanita Bynum was the guest star, but since she was without that dreadful light pink lipstick, I will keep pressing my way.

And I loved the Glass’ back story and what happened to them living in what is now the Sutton’s house.  That was a really powerful scene with the woman who used to live there who showed up and had a flashback to a deadly night.

So to recap, I love Lincoln Heights.  It is on my Must See TV list and I am thankful that ABC Family puts out such a great show, but I believe that the seasons can be and should be longer.  10 episodes is robbery to us, the fans, of this show.

I trust you have heard my grievances.  Also if there is a way to bring back Johnny Nightingale, I hope you will work on that for season 4.

I will tune in today to catch the 9 episode marathon starting at 12:00PM today.

Best regards,



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