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ABC Family, We Need to Have a Talk

November 11, 2008

Dear ABC Family,

I have love for you as you aid in my television entertainment throughout the week and on the weekends, but in 2006 you captured my heart when you introduced me to the Sutton family living in Lincoln Heights.  From the start, I connected with this family who really are committed to each other and their community.  That first season as they faced trials and tribulations of a good neighborhood gone bad, I often pondered why not just leave.  There were many episodes where I telepathically implored the matriarch Jen Sutton to just pack up her things along with Cassie, Lizzie, and Tay’s things and leave Eddie to his quest to save Lincoln Heights.

But I was wrong to do that.

While the Sutton family hasn’t changed everyone, they are good for Lincoln Heights and Lincoln Heights are good for them.

So here we are in the third season and I can’t help but feel the need to sit myself down and let you, the powers that be at ABC Family, know how I feel about this season.

First of all, I noticed how short this season is.  Tonight is the season finale?!!?  Seriously?!?!?!  ABC Family, this is the 10th episode.  That is not a season, if this was on ABC, CBS, or NBC, this would be just the first half of the season.  The first season according to IMDB was 13 episodes.  Last season and this season only have 10 episodes.  We must fix that for the fourth season.  I want nothing less than 15 episodes.

Maybe President Elect Barack Obama can help me resolve this matter with you.  Hmmm.

That’s just a joke, good people.  I wouldn’t involve President Elect Barack Obama just yet.

Now the third season started off with a bang, you know Cassie and Charles being held hostage in their own house and discovering a secret attic after living there for about two years.  Or is it just one year?  I really can’t tell.  For all I know this is all happening in a matter of 6 months.  Well, I guess we can say for sure at least one year has passed since Sage was in a coma for forever.

And FYI, you could have just killed her.  No loss THERE.

So yes, the third season started with a bang, great tension, and such.  Loved it.

Then you introduce a new family, the Kingstons, who I can tell right away aren’t on the up and up.  Something in the water just wasn’t clean with them.  I wish Rev. Hammond’s wife had did a more thorough check on their background.  Rev. Kingston is nothing like Rev. Hammond.  Nothing, especially after last week’s episode.  The only character in the Kingston family that I like is the daughter who goes to school with Charles and Cassie.

And then in episode 6, they killed him.  Should have killed Devin Kingston instead, but noooooo, they killed Johnny, the mockingbird of Lincoln Heights.

I almost caught a spasm when I saw that Juanita Bynum was the guest star, but since she was without that dreadful light pink lipstick, I will keep pressing my way.

And I loved the Glass’ back story and what happened to them living in what is now the Sutton’s house.  That was a really powerful scene with the woman who used to live there who showed up and had a flashback to a deadly night.

So to recap, I love Lincoln Heights.  It is on my Must See TV list and I am thankful that ABC Family puts out such a great show, but I believe that the seasons can be and should be longer.  10 episodes is robbery to us, the fans, of this show.

I trust you have heard my grievances.  Also if there is a way to bring back Johnny Nightingale, I hope you will work on that for season 4.

I will tune in today to catch the 9 episode marathon starting at 12:00PM today.

Best regards,




Who Will She Choose?

May 22, 2008

It’s been over 72 minutes since the last scene of Ugly Betty left my TV and I am so ready for September already.  Skip Memorial Day, Fathers Day, 4th of July, my birthday even, and get me to season premiere night of Ugly Betty NOOOOOOOOOW!!

I am addicted.

Tis true.

Loved tonight’s ep.

Who will Betty choose?  Okay, it is very very likely that Betty will go with Gio for the obvious reasons that he is there in NYC after they return from Rome near her family, he doesn’t have a baby making her an instant step mother to be, and a plethora of other reasons, like his muy caliente accent.  I don’t know how to say muy caliente in Italian so you get the Spanish way instead.  I didn’t take it for 6 years for nothing.

So, yeah Gio is the logical choice so she can also stay at Mode and work for Daniel.

But tonight’s scene with Daniel when he PAID for her ENTIRE TRIP TO ROME with another man and then their conversation where there was just so much chemistry and tenderness and undercurrents of a strong friendship leaning heavily on amor?  Yeah, I felt it too and wanted to be Betty so I could just say to him:

Betty:  Daniel (gush) I love you.  Let’s you, me, and your eyeliner wearing son go to Rome, and hey, let’s hop over to Paris so we can both learn French.

That totally could happen.

I think when she got on that plane, she was next to Daniel and Eyeliner Wearing Son (guess I could call him Jr. or DJ) but Eyeliner Wearing Son is more creative.  And hey, I am all about the creative. 🙂

So that’s what I want.

But if she has to choose, and Daniel is not a choice until say season 5, let her choose Gio.

But then Betty being the smart, confident, Guadalajara poncho wearing Latino that always comes out on top could have gone somewhere by her dang on self.

Now on to Miss Hilda.  That damn gym teacher is married.  GUH.  Aren’t they always?  And then he didn’t even tell her first.  Dude, wear your wedding band.

Hilda, don’t kiss him anymore until there are some finalized, notarized divorce papers in his hands.

Coach is cute and all, but he is no Santos.

At all.

Oh wait, Miss Wilhemina.  I don’t like you hurting Daniel. 

And poor Claire Meade.  She’s been hurt by her daughter as well and wondering if Alexis will do  this to Daniel, what will she do to her (Claire) and Hot Flash.  Natch.

So last week of September B.K.A. Season Premiere Week of Ugly Betty, COME ON DOWN!

Let’s Go Blog Hopping 5

May 21, 2008

This is the week of the season finale.  We look forward to May every year because of May Sweeps, but with the writers strike last year, the season was shorter and the season finales came faster.

Sunday, I was slightly wowed by the makeovers in New Orleans on Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition, but I can’t help but think that will 18 builders and crews, why not make over more than 2 buildings? Especially in New Orleans, have 18 buildings. Build a recreation center or after school facility. A library. But overall, nicely done. I think for me, anything that improves New Orleans, is a win win for me. I would have loved it if one whole season was nothing but an extreme makeover along the Gulf Coast. Ratings might suffer, but if we really are committed to rebuilding along the Gulf Coast, ratings do not and should not matter. But I’m not in charge and Ty Pennington did not ask me so c’est la vie.

But Desperate Housewives? Wow at all that Catherine’s been through, but I cheered inside when the other housewives rallied to her side. 

Kayla became so evil that it almost made me sick to my stomach as I suppressed my own rage on Lynette’s behalf. Rachel Fox, the actress who plays Kayla,  is very good at giving evil.

I don’t like the name Maynard and surely Susan and Mike could have compromised and named him Conner Maynard Delfino.

Now, that five years later jump that they threw at us was very unexpected and seems like it will rev the show up for many twists and turns.  Another blog Televisionista knew about the 5 year jump in April but I discovered it after the episode was shown.  The blogger has some great questions and possibilities for life on Wisteria Lane in 2013.

In Charlotte, just as Susan walked in the door, our TV screens went black. Booooooooo WSOC TV. Thank God for where I was able to catch those last 13 seconds. USA Today offers a look at what’s in store for Desperate Housewives next season including that Marc Cherry does not plan to be around past season 7. What’s cool is he would like to take it back to the year before Mary Alice kills herself, a DH prequel, if you will. We’ll get more of Mary Alice, Paul, Zach and Rex.

I surely was amused to see how far Gabby has fallen down the All That Totem Pole. I just wished that when Carlos fell down the steps the other night that his sight was restored. It’ll be interesting to see Gabby deal with less than perfect beauty wise daughters will impact her and her storyline. I was really glad not to see her in anything shiny yesterday. Cotton looks good on her.

Now, let’s think about something for a second. Extreme Makeover gets 2 hour season finale. Desperate Housewives gets the same. Ditto for Grey’s Anatomy.

Yet, I only get 60 minutes minus commercials for Ugly Betty. Boooooooooooooooo!

I’m not ready to say goodbye to Ugly Betty and the gang yet. Last week’s episode was wonderful now that Wilhemina and Mark are back at Mode. Loved them getting off the elevator in matching colors last week. Glad to see real drama and tension return to Mode. Look forward to what season 3 brings.

Judith Light is one of my favorite characters especially when she’s maternal to Betty. I want them to bring Yoga (Lorraine Touissant) back as her sidekick as she made the show fun as well.

Now tomorrow’s season finale looks intense with Henry proposing, Gio asking Betty to go to Rio (Gio Rio, lol) and Daniel’s child who looks a bit Latino.

The blog Televisionary reveals that guest star Lindsey Lohan won’t just be in the season finale this week, but she will also be back next season. Seems she used to be a classmate of Betty’s who used to be mean to Betty a la Amanda. Will be interesting to see how this all pans out this week as well as next season.

I’m looking forward to the return of both of these shows in September.  The possibilities of life on Wisteria Lane and at Mode magazine are endless, but I’ll be tuned in for every minute.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

May 8, 2008

I am preparing for tonight’s episode of Ugly Betty to come and I want to know something.

If Marc no longer works at Mode and Wilhemina’s brain child Slater has yet to come to pass, what is Marc doing to earn money?  How is Wilhemina able to pay him?  And for that matter, pay Christina to be the surrogate mother for her Meade heir to the throne?

Just what I’m thinking of today.

An Ugly Betty junkie with 24 minutes until her fix. 🙂

TV Talk Thursday #1

January 10, 2008

I admit that I watch a lot of TV and heaven help me if I ever get TiVo or a DVR!  Current must see TV shows include Ugly Betty, The Game, The Biggest Loser, Desperate Housewives, and Extreme Makeover.  I won’t even mention my HGTV favorite shows or my addiction to Snapped!

I watched Desperate Housewives Sunday and was happy to see Tom and the kids emerge alive, but a little sad at Carlos being blind.  I guarantee Gabrielle will leave him by May Sweeps, or whenever the writer’s strike ends and we have the intense eps return to end the season.  I did laugh at Gabrielle in the garage faking grief and Bree pimping Andrew out to the gay contractor to get her roof built.  Leave it to Susan to ruin that.

I watch Bad Girls Club and it makes me so tired to watch Tanisha yell and scream and “pop off” on her roommates, son!  But lest she show up here and POP OFF on me, I will keep my thoughts to myself, Son!

Reality Check

Last week, I was treated to Michael Urie as I watched the premiere of Miss America: Reality Check on TLC.  52 Miss America contestants, Michael Urie, challenges, judges.  It’s like America’s Next Top Model minus the eliminations and Miss Jay.  There are only 3 episodes left but the show aims to show us the contestants beyond just the one night pageant.  The goal is to get us to see and become familiar with the Miss America contestants.  I like it so far.  It’s mindless TV on a Friday night plus last week, we were treated to Stacy and Clinton from What Not to Wear critique some of the delightful clothes the contestants like to wear.  It was interesting to hear their thoughts on premarital sex because they all thought it was bad and everyone should wait until they are married.

Jesse and Angie return to All My Children

Yesterday I got so amped when a friend told me that Jesse and Angie (Darnell Williams and Debbie Morgan) were returning to All My Children.  When they first premiered on All My Children, I was in the first grade.  But I remember being able to see them sometimes.  I went on Wikipedia where a devoted fan has chronicled their existence and I was amazed at how much I remembered about the show.  Angie returns on 1.18.08 and Jesse returns ALIVE on 1.25.08.  I should be ashamed to admit that I am leaving work at 12:30 on both Fridays to see them on TV, but I’m not.  Ashamed, that is.

I’m Afraid of the Impending Ugliness on Ugly Betty

Amanda, Mark, and Betty look just as frightened at what could happen.

Let’s see, the season premiere confirmed Santos died. *sigh* I am still not over that.  And then Bradford Meade died but not before Wilhemina could grab a crucial part of him. *blech* I can only imagine what will happen on tonight’s last new episode until the writer’s strike ends.  One day.  What will happen with Betty and Henry?  Will Wilhemina have twins or triplets?  Will we ever see Claire Meade again?  Who will be next to die on the show?  Now that Alexis in charge, until Wilhemina’s baby is born and she contests the will, what does that mean for Daniel?

So many questions, so many possibilities.