Young Adult Library

These are books written by African American authors or written with a predominant cast of African American characters.  This is a list that I compiled and as I am human, it might be missing an author or two so let me know who I’ve missed and I’ll try to add them.  I’ve read many of the titles listed and have enjoyed them.  I created this as a resource so that readers, parents, teachers, librarians and libraries can be more aware of what’s been written for young adults and those who enjoy young adult fiction.

This is a living document that I plan to update at least 3 – 4 times a year as new titles are released so continue to check out the library.  Let me and those who visit the blog know what you’ve read, recommend, and look forward to reading.

For those authors who have a web presence, I’ve included the URL for their website and/or Myspace page.  So go forth and build or expand your YA library, happy reading! 

Young Adult Library


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